Facebook or Twitter

When it comes to deciding how Twitter and Facebook compare I’m not sure there is an answer. Each side has its pros and cons. The web is packed full of posts touting the virtues of each. So rather than add my 3 cents (inflation) I spent a butt load of time making a little video that basicly says the same thing. I did find a wonderful post that I thought was very insightfull. The Celebrity Cafe had a wondeful way of looking at Twitter. So watch my movie then head of to the cafe for some light reading and you will know what I know.

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Twitter Hashtags

I was driving down Paul Bunyan Dr. last week and it struck me that when I include Hashtags in my tweets I have an agenda. Hashtags drastically increase how many people will see what I write. image I must want this or I wouldn’t bother with them at all. I know it’s human nature to be social and Twitter is a social network. What I didn’t expect was the way I seemed to be subconsciously trying to connect with strangers. Not a traditional connection more like the feeling you get when someone has the same car or watch. There is a sense if kinship knowing you have something in common.
Is this good or bad? I don’t know. But I do know one thing; I don’t tag my tweets anymore. Wonder what that says about me?

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What is a blog en3177

Not much I can say about chapter one of Rettberg’s Blogging so I’ll let youtube do most of the work.

If your still unsure heres another one.

And still one more just incase.

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Fast & thoughtless

I have my moments. Some good some a little questionable. We all have them don’t fret but don’t give in. The end we want won’t just happen. There is a degree of effort needed to be “productive”. If you can live with their choice float along. If not take control and then you will know. That’s just the way things are.

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My Life and Web 2.0

A little YouTube some Pic’s from Google and Windows Movie Maker and week 3 required assignment is done. Give it a watch.

I had considered writing a brief synopsis but changed my mind. I would like to see how a story made of random images on free software holds up.

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BSU Funding, Teachers and the Future of Learning

  It was another day in an endless string of days. Yet another class I was not particularly fond of. At that time I was unaware of the BSU-NTC recalibration plan. Not alone in my ignorance we spent the first few minutes of class discussing what had transpired and its impact. Budget cuts are an evil nobody wants to face even if you call it something fancy like recalibration. BSU is not alone, all over the globe there are changes being made to universities at large. 

 I feel as many do college is worth it and a Liberal education is important. I began school with one goal in mind. Get in, get out, get a job. At times the nauseating amount of fluff I was required to take left me doubting if a degree was worth it. When 15% of mail carriers have Bachelor degrees and 8 out of the 10 job categories that will add the most employees during the next 10 years will not require a degree, maybe it’s time to be a little more practical. Is college about making better people or getting them jobs or both? I would have said it was about getting me a job. In a bottom line society were college is an investment you should expect cuts to departments that don’t meet the current needs. Unfortunately how you determine what is or is not meeting the current needs is so subjective consensus is all but impossible.

The human aspect is one context that’s hard to get away from. The teachers that moved their family cross-country in hopes of a new start, only to be told thanks but no thanks. The students that mid stream must now reevaluate their choice of school or even their major. Having first hand experience with starting over I know how overwhelming life changes can be. The career path I was on lasted 15 years before a foggy future sent me in another direction. Now I spend my days bouncing between my own children at home and kids 1/2 my age in class. When you believe in something to the point you make it a major part of your life unwanted changes can seem particularly unfair. It’s a shame our realities are so closely tied to the bottom line on an accountants spreadsheet. The writing on the wall seems to support the idea that more extreme bottom line changes are on the way.

The trend has been for schools to shift the way they hire. Going from tenured faculty to an unsecured easy to let go work force. This is not exactly a new trend but the days of publish or perish must seem like the golden years to those getting axed after only two semesters. David Nagel referring to an Ambient Insight forecast believes by 2014 most students will be taking the lion share of their classes online.  What people want to learn and how has changed and will change even more. Learning networks, MOOC’s, D2L, Google, CengageBrain, Wiley, plus an endless amount of other ways to obtain education are only the start. I feel BSU has a foot in the right direction but have yet to fully embrace the future. Unless more effort is made to change with the times I fear more and more cuts are ahead. I have no silver bullet notions but after my years attending Bemidji State University I can say there are barriers that need to be addressed when it comes to online versus traditional seat time education. There seems to be an attempt to preserve the traditional income sources rather than embracing the future. The future will come things will change prepared or not.

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WordPress Comment Options

I found by default WordPress requires authors to approve first time commentors. This is a good idea but kind of pain if you’re not into micromanagement. Here are where the settings are located if you want to make any changes. (Warning Spam could be an issue with unmoderated blogs)

On the bottom left should be an option labeled Settings

Once clicked a drop down menu will appear click on the Discussion option.

Now we are ready to set our comment options. I’ve circled the items that are of the most concern but feel free to set things up as you see fit.

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