Levenson Chapters 7 and 8

Levels of friendship

How can we apply the Morgan factor to this one.

Blogs I read before New new new new media chapters 7 and 8.





I skimmed others so don’t feel neglected if you didn’t get a mention. The above links just had content that worked for me.

Mind prefixed

Chapter7 was exactly as most posts had led me to believe.

Chapter 8 was an odd mix of McLuhan type thoughts.

Shandy Hall

and no miraculous coincidences.

Writers need to have readers

Great another talk about tools.

If you want readers use any tool you can get your hands on. A tool in gaining readers is to comment on others work. Sneaky yes, well maybe.


Writers need inspiration to create good content. So, pick a tool that fits you style. If you’re a fast thinker that shoots from the hip. Go tweet, if you need more go for more find your pond and jump in with both feet.


My next post other posts will come came in an odd order and will have linked content that may not work. Looking forward to making my Readers work hard.


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