Levenson Chap 8 and 7

Michael Tomasello

Web-Exclusive Video: You + Me = We.

Lecture video

Chapter 7 Facebook Vs MySpace

Levenson wrote

” Whatever their objective differences and advantages, their ultimate value is the good they do for each individual user’s needs.”

Tomasello wrote

“In contrast to our nearest primate relatives, human beings communicate with one another co-operatively. This co-operative structure pervades all aspects of the communicative exchange. Thus, human communication depends fundamentally on: (1) a joint attentional (or intersubjective) frame that provides the common ground necessary for reference; (2) the mutual manifestness of the communicative act itself, which generates both relevance inferences and interpersonal obligations; (3) the co-operative motives to help and to share experience with others (even if embedded within a selfish, deceptive motive); and (4) the ability to collaborate with others in joint activities, specifically to ensure that the receiver comprehends the sender’s message as intended.”

Eric wrote

“What matters is the content not the tool so understand your message and use any tool that fits.” 

Eric/Ivory wrote

(me)”My point on a constant human need versus the tools we use I think still holds. If I go with your line of thinking (Ivory)“A blog fulfills a person’s need to believe that they matter, that someone is paying attention to them.” (me again) FaceBook and Twitter both do that but they are specific tangible sites where as Blogs are not. “

Social tools for social needs

A tool to what end?

Facebook can be used as a tool, Levenson mentions “Facebook Friends as a Knowledge-Base Resource.” and ” Facebook Friends as Real-Time Knowledge Resources.”

Ok, with ya so far. Sounds like FB is a good tool for sharing knowledge. Facebook may work as an information sharing tool, but I doubt that’s why it’s a success.

Levenson seems to love McLuhan so he should understand social media is an extension of human nature.

Facebook and Twitter are great tools, only because of human nature.

It may be a horse and buggy way of looking at things.

Comparison Time again

Think of the word tool, not a specific tool, just the general notion of the word tool.

Now lets pick a tool. Lets say a screwdriver. Can you see the screwdriver yet?

My version of chapter 7

I have two screwdrivers, they both work well. One handle is blue, the other is red. The red one is great at poking holes in plastic buckets. The blue one has a better reach.  They both work fairly well. The red one doesn’t work with all screws, but neither does the blue one. So, try them both and use the one you like best. 3

Chapter 8

Been there done that.link1, link, link5

Lets play a game.

Pick a number between 1 and 10.

My guess

Last Post for Me On Levenson Chapters 7 and 8

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