almost Levenson chapters 8 and 7

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Enjoy part 3.

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For those that may not know. Kevin left me a wonderful comment in regards to my post on Levenson’s chapters 7 & 8. His last sentence was a question.

“Are we really supposed to define ‘social’ as interaction only with people who are nowhere near you?”

Before we move on, we must remember to consider the Morgan factor (link)

Levels of friendship. (link)

If you die who will know?

Brooke Lorren wrote

“Many people today have friends that they chat with on message boards, via private messages, on Facebook, or in online games. Sometimes these friends drift away for a while, others move on to other interests. What would happen if one of these friends died? Would you know? Would your online friends know if you died?” link to post

Side Effects of Social Media

I’m with Kevin on this one.

“I first went to college back in the eighties, and then, before class, students engaged in conversation, now before classes classrooms are often as silent as tombs, because students are texting instead of talking”

Mobile media has allowed humans to take the easy route. We can feed our need to be social without having to risk face-to-face conversation. No fear, we aren’t doomed, or anything just a big lacking in basic human interaction.

Elizabeth Landau comments , on John Cacioppo’s research, bring to light a drawback of weak link friendships. Cacioppo describes an Emotional contagion effect, and how loneliness is transferred through social networks

Dr. Rachna Jain does a great job describing so of the way social media has changed things in his post titled; 4 ways Social Media is Changing Your Relationships. Number 2 is a good one.

Back to Kevin’s Question

I took your question as being of the rhetorical variety. Since rhetorical questions, by definition requires no answer. (hint follow the link)

The moral of the story

Don’t give up your real friends or nobody will know you died.

Immersion into social media can happen anywhere.

Texting and walking can be dangerous. link

Don’t forget the Morgan Factor

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