Facebook or Twitter

When it comes to deciding how Twitter and Facebook compare I’m not sure there is an answer. Each side has its pros and cons. The web is packed full of posts touting the virtues of each. So rather than add my 3 cents (inflation) I spent a butt load of time making a little video that basicly says the same thing. I did find a wonderful post that I thought was very insightfull. The Celebrity Cafe had a wondeful way of looking at Twitter. So watch my movie then head of to the cafe for some light reading and you will know what I know.


About ebinkert

I've decided to give up trying to be informative. Now I think I will just ask questions.
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2 Responses to Facebook or Twitter

  1. The blue dude is obviously a pretentious philosophy major.

    • ebinkert says:

      For some reason I thought of them as brother and sister when I was making the clip. But I totally see what your saying. Not that I know any pretentious philosphy majors 😛

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