WordPress Comment Options

I found by default WordPress requires authors to approve first time commentors. This is a good idea but kind of pain if you’re not into micromanagement. Here are where the settings are located if you want to make any changes. (Warning Spam could be an issue with unmoderated blogs)

On the bottom left should be an option labeled Settings

Once clicked a drop down menu will appear click on the Discussion option.

Now we are ready to set our comment options. I’ve circled the items that are of the most concern but feel free to set things up as you see fit.

About ebinkert

I've decided to give up trying to be informative. Now I think I will just ask questions.
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3 Responses to WordPress Comment Options

  1. Be careful with removing the approve comment thing. While it can be quite annoying to have to approve all comments, there are spammers out there. I have already received a few spam comments myself. Without a moderator, they will just end up on your blog. Of course, you can always delete them after the fact. Just an FYI.

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